Black And Grey Cross Tattoos

Black And Grey Cross Tattoos. A gallery of tattoo photos to inspire tattoo enthusiasts of all different styles - old school, new school, tribal, Japanese, colour, black and grey. The demand of black and grey tattoos had dropped off a little bit for a while when the technique of colourful tattooing was found.

Black and Grey Religious Sleeve by Marco Ventura: TattooNOW
Black and Grey Religious Sleeve by Marco Ventura: TattooNOW (Cornelia Patterson)
They are often in black and have really neat designs and patterns. Cross Tattoos have been a popular venture for many people, men and women alike. From the adorable patterns of black and grey to the simple elements used, the design is absolutely magnificent.

These tattoos can be inked anywhere on your body, so take your Have you ever seen tattoos of crosses with animals in it?

Understanding that tattoos are pieces of art that change over time, and that your skin is going to look different than a canvas, will help you adjust your expectations.

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There are a rooster and a snake wrapped around this cross tattoo. It is seen as a symbol of sacrifice. Most popular is the Biblical version, where Jesus As for the color, we suggest sticking with traditional black-and-grey - unless you're going for a Celtic cross tattoo, which looks awesome in black, green.

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